Sighed Agreement Crossword Clue

Sighed Agreement Crossword Clue: Clues and Solutions

Sighed agreement crossword clue is a popular puzzle clue that has been puzzling people for years. It is a common crossword clue that can be seen in many different puzzle publications. The clue requires you to find a word or phrase that describes an agreement that is made with a sigh. In this article, we will explore some of the possible answers and solutions to this crossword clue.

Possible Answers

There are several possible answers to the sighed agreement crossword clue. Here are some of the most common:

– OKAY: This is likely the first answer that comes to mind when you read the clue. It is a simple, one-word answer that fits the definition perfectly. When someone sighs, it is often a sign of resignation or acceptance, which makes OKAY a fitting answer.

– FINE: Another one-word answer that works well for this crossword clue is FINE. This word is often used in response to a question or request, and the sigh that accompanies it can be interpreted as a sign of reluctant agreement.

– ALRIGHT: Like OKAY and FINE, ALRIGHT is a one-word answer that fits the definition of sighed agreement. This word implies that the person making the agreement is doing so grudgingly, which is consistent with the sigh that accompanies it.

Other possible answers to the sighed agreement crossword clue include AGREED, YES, and YEP. Depending on the context of the puzzle, any of these words could be the correct answer.

Tips for Solving Crossword Clues

If you are struggling to solve the sighed agreement crossword clue (or any other crossword clue), here are a few tips to help you out:

1. Look for context clues. Crossword clues are often phrased in a way that provides some context for the answer. Look for words or phrases in the clue that might suggest a certain type of answer.

2. Use the crossing letters. Crosswords are designed so that the letters in each answer intersect with other answers. If you know some of the letters in the answer to one clue, use them to help you solve other clues that intersect with it.

3. Practice makes perfect. The more crossword puzzles you solve, the better you will get at recognizing common clues and patterns. Keep practicing, and don`t get discouraged if you can`t solve a puzzle right away.


The sighed agreement crossword clue is a common puzzle that can be found in many different publications. With the right strategy and a bit of practice, you can solve this clue (and others like it) with ease. Keep an eye out for context clues, use the crossing letters to your advantage, and don`t give up if you can`t solve the puzzle right away. With a little patience and persistence, you`ll be a master of crossword puzzles in no time!